A consultant's job is to come, help the clients complete a specific task, then leave. We won’t hang around looking for problems to solve while overstaying our welcome.

We do not work on open-ended arrangements. Our contract agreements are simple, have a well-defined timeline, and clearly state when the engagement ends, either in success or failure with phrases like:

  • We will agree that the engagement has ended when the search functionality will be 10 times faster than it is today, or after 20 business days

  • We will agree that the engagement has ended successfully after two weeks of training 10 developers

Our expertise is backend software development and design, using Rust or Java. In particular, we have significant experience with integration of external services, software development for financial markets, highly scalable low latency distributed systems, data analysis and end-to-end application performance testing and monitoring.

In our line of work every problem we encounter is different, so we consider that our greatest assets are state-of-the-art knowledge about how complex software systems work and interact, and exceptional problem-solving skills.

Do you think we can help you? Contact us, and will talk about the problems you face and see if we can provide value to your business.