Duration: Four days in person (usually divided between two weeks), or sixteen 1.5 hours online sessions.

Prerequisite: No previous Rust experience required, but you should be familiar with at least one of the mainstream OOP languages.

Availability: Onsite, online or public workshop. Check the dates for our upcoming public workshops. For onsite training, please contact us.

What you'll get from this class?

  • A solid foundation in Rust's core concepts and syntax
  • Hands-on experience with Rust's standard library, and some well-known crates
  • Knowledge of advanced concepts that will enable you to write efficient, reliable, and performant code.
  • Effective code organization and error handling techniques.

What we cover?

Our syllabus is flexible and will be dynamically adjusted based on the skills of the participants and their feedback. In general, we expect to cover the following topics:

  • Welcome to Rust
  • Basic Rust syntax.
  • Traits, types and type inference.
  • Traits objects, tuples, arrays, structs and enums
  • Pattern matching
  • Read and write references
  • Derive macro and built-in traits
  • Generics
  • Standard library types and collections
  • Smart pointers and memory management
  • Lifetimes, slices and borrowing
  • Iterators
  • Error handling
  • Serialization
  • Testing
  • A project in which will try to use all the acquired knowledge.

As time and the skill level of students allows, we may also make a dive in concurrency and parallelism.