We are going to host a public Grunge Java workshop, provisional days (March 29-30, April 5-6) in Cluj-Napoca (place TBD). The workshop price 500€ per person and the number of participants is limited to 12.

If you are interested please sent us an email at office[at]haqr[dot]io, and let us know about your current java skill set. We do not require any payment at this moment and we will discuss payment details only if you are going to be selected for the workshop.

We won't spam you. By providing your email address to us, you expressly consent to receive emails from us, about this particular workshop. We will not send you any other promotion materials, neither will we give your email address to another party. If you don't receive a timely answer from us, please check your spam folder, and unblock the haqr.io domain.